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Calc1980 0.0.1b App

I don't know why, but I decided to make a calculator app to add to the huge list of the existing ones.

I started surveying the trends of calculator app designs across different platforms.Most of the apps I found looked modern but contained only the most basic functions.

Moving on to scientific calculators, I noticed that the programs were too complex and had too many functions which would never be required. One had to go though several options before the person could perform the most basic of all calculations- Addition.

The surplus of simple but functional calculators forced me to take a different approach to the design of the app, but the complexity of scientific calculator apps compelled me to include the basic package of computations and then just a bit more.

Then it occurred to me that people may not like the default theme which I had designed so I created a button in the main interface to switch themes. One might ask why buttons, but then it would have been to much to create a settings menu just for one option.

Hence I give you Calc1980.

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